Friday, July 31, 2009

July 31, 2009

I'M DONE!!! :o)

Breakfast -- no breakfast.... No eating until weigh in... ha ha

- ENDING WEIGHT 270.0 lbs


Well... I did it, and with minimal faulters...

I was all excited thinking about what I was going to eat and I had such grand plans for after weigh in..... I ended up swinging through McDonalds and grabbing a grilled snack wrap and a power aid...... HOW NON EXCITING!!! But I wanted to get something small and quick so I could get home, get this in ... and now I'm going to the gym to swim my laps.

What... you thought cause it was over that I'm done!! ha ha... no way...

My new goal is to keep up the progress I've made, continue working out every day and eat healthier, eat more often, but less food... Let's see if I can actually get down to 250.... or less...

Please check back. I'll have at least one more post on this if not 2.

Thanks for all your support.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 30, 2009


BREAKFAST -- Strawberries & Cream Slim Fast Shake

Lunch -- Pomagranite & Blueberries NAKED juice

Lunch 2 (ha ha) -- Chicken broth with green chili and black pepper

Dinner -- the broth from Murtaghs firehouse Chili

Workout -- Treadmill 1hr 45 min
-- 1 hr + cooldown -- Interval Prog ( )
-- 45 min -- Fat Burn Prog ( )

Ok, so this ended up being one of the hardest days yet.

(will write more later)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July 29, 2009

Breakfast -- Strawberries & Cream Slim Fast Shake

Lunch -- Blue Machine Naked Juice

Dinner -- Lobster Bisque from Bravo!

Workout -- 1 hr + cooldown on the Eliptical (1150 cal. 5.4 miles)

Good day today, Got up, got off shift and had breakfast on the way home. Stopped by the Union Hall and picked up some stuff. Then finally made it home.

Got to spend my "birthday day" with Ian and Brianna and Brianna's mom (Tina) today. On my way to pick them up I had lunch. Then went to the Zoo. I haven't been there in a couple years, since last time I went with Ian. He's so awesome... I need to get me one of those. ha ha. Just so you know... the Zoo closes at 5:00 during the week. I find that out when your are wandering around and don't see anyone... the animals have gone away for the most part... and you get to the front gate and everything is locked... well, almost everything.. ha ha.. We ended up being there until about 6:00pm.... oops

Went to dinner with them. We went to Uptown Plaza and went to BRAVO! . It was really good. But I want to go back when I can actually eat something... I did have the Lobster Bisque. It was really good.

After that I came home, was going to go to the gym but dozed off. Woke up and was still going to go swim but there was thunder. I called and the pool was closed. So, I just went and jumped on the Eliptical for an hour.

That was it. Gotta crash ... working tomorrow so that I can be off on Friday to weigh out!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 28, 2009

Breakfast -- Strawberries & Cream Slim Fast Shake

Orange juice

Lunch -- Pomegranate Blueberry Naked Juice

Dinner -- Broccoli cheese soup, Coke Zero

Workout -- Interval Prog. (1236 cal. 4.88 miles)
Fat Burn Prog. (334 cal. 1.70 miles)

Second half of my 48 hour shift, good day, not too busy but good. Got a lot of stuff done administratively.

Good workout done before 2:00am ... but then I finished reports, got a shower, and finished this.

Monday, July 27, 2009

July 27, 2009

Breakfast -- Strawberries & Cream Slim Fast

Lunch -- Protein Zone Naked Juice

Dinner -- Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato Soup, Coke Zero

Workout -- 1 hr + Cool down on treadmill - Interval prog. (1236 cal. 4.89miles)
-- 45 min incl cool down - fat burn prog. (476 cal. 2.63 miles)


Uneventful day, working an overtime shift at the station, a few good calls, got some paperwork done, and that's about it.

Did manage to finish my workout before 2 am!!! AWESOME

BUT... only 3 diet days left!!! Lets finish Strong!!!

July 26, 2009

Breakfast -- Grapefruit Juice, 30 oz

Workout -- Swam 2000 yards

Lunch -- Blue Machine Naked Juice

Dinner -- Chicken broth with blended Green Chili and black pepper

It's my Birthday!!!!! ugh.. I'm 40...

So I got home (remember I did a 2 hour workout and didn't get to bed until 4:30) and checked a couple things on the computer and fell asleep for about 30-45 min. When I woke up, I freaked out a bit because if I didn't get to the gym and get my workout in I wouldn't be able to workout today.

I got to the gym and swam a 2000 in the outdoor pool. Ever been swimming and feel like you're swimming up hill? Or for those of you who worked at the Beach (or any waterpark) it felt like I was swimming against the lazy river current... ugh. BUT, I got done! and only received a mild sunburn.

Got home, changed and went to the German American Club for a meeting. Horrible.
Came home, and just hung out with my friends/neighbors and other friends to celebrate my Birthday.

That's about it for the day.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

July 25, 2009

Breakfast -- Strawberries & Cream Slim Fast Shake

-- Fruit Punch, 1 Qt of water

Lunch -- Green Machine Naked Juice

Dinner -- Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato Soup,

Workout -- 2 hrs on the treadmill... ugh..
Interval prog. (14 min. 250 cal, 1 mile) got a call
Interval prog. (14 min, 250 cal, 1 mile) got a call
Interval prog. (1 hr + cooldown, 1248 cal, 4.92 miles)
Fat burn prog. (22 min, 252 cal, 1.19 miles)
Fat burn prog. (10 min, 75 cal, .5 miles)

Ok, long day!! Worked at the station... VERY SLOW, we didn't have our first call until 5:30pm... that's pretty rare. I COULD have worked out at any point during the early part of the day and not been effected... BUT NO! I normally do a 1 hour workout on the treadmill when I am at work. I did try to get an early start (11:00pm) but 14 min into the workout we got a call. We came back... I started again. 14 minutes into the workout... we got another call. This is where it got interesting.

My driver checked the address on the map and it showed right off sunset. We got in the truck and the "mapping program" showed it in another section of the road not attached to the one that connects to Sunset. We go enroute and my driver and I have a discussion and I told them... "look, I get what the map says, but the south valley is screwed up when it comes to numbering and lets just go where the computer says." there was a little debate, I gave "the look" and we went where the computer said it was supposed to be.

We got there and the address we were looking for wasn't around. I told my driver let's go check the area the map said it was supposed to be. Go figure... it was there.

After the call we were talking and I apologized for taking us to the wrong area and said since I made a the mistake, I would do another hour on the treadmill. My intent was, an hour including what I had already done. HOWEVER, my crew was like, "your going to do a total of 2 hours?" I said.. "ugh... that's not what I meant, but sure, I'll do 2 hours."

So we got back, I did my normal full hour + cooldown then I worked my math and figured that I owed another 22 minutes. I completed that 22 minutes and realized that I did my math wrong and I still owed 10 minutes... ugh!!! So... I did the other 10 minutes. 2 hours complete.... and it was only 3:30am now (remember I started @ 11:00). I was up another hour and then I went to bed about 4:30...

I got up at 7:30 and got moving. Not long after that... I started the 7-26 breakfast!