Monday, July 20, 2009

July 20, 2009

Breakfast -- Grapefruit juice, almost a half gallon ha ha... it was good.

Lunch -- Chicken Broth with Green chili and black pepper, with water

Dinner -- ummm yogurt with strawberries and banna

Workout -- 1 hr + cooldown on eliptical (5.3 miles, 1114 cal)

Well, after last night I was pretty wrecked, so when I got home I ended up falling asleep. For about 8 hours.... guess I needed it. When I got up I ate lunch and was going to go to the gym and swim but we got a thunderstorm so I decided not to go. After working for Sports & Wellness I know that the pools are not grounded and even the indoor pools shouldn't be swam in when there's a storm... Sooo.... Naturally I procrastinated. Finally got to the gym about 11:00pm and worked out. Good workout though, kept my heartrate in the cardio zone for 61 minutes. I keep telling myself I want to do a workout and keep my heartrate in the "weight loss zone" but that is so freaking slow... and I'm sure the science behind it says that it's better for you and you'll still burn the calories, but I have a hard enough time hitting the 1000 calorie mark doing what I do let alone going slower.. .humm

Oh well...

Hey, only 9 days left...