Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 5, 2009

Breakfast -- Strawberries & Cream Slim Fast Shake & a Mulit Vitamin

Lunch -- 33oz Tropicana Blend Raspberry and Acai Berry Juice

Dinner -- Tomato Soup, Carrot & Orange Juice blended with Banana and Ice

Desert -- None

Workout -- 2 hours of Racquetball


Good day, got off shift and had my morning shake. Home for a little and then went to the Condo Pool to hang out. Took lunch with me... :o) Naturally my buddy Scott and Tim Cox were grillin out... grrrrr ... but I survived. Hung out there for a while and saw some good friends. Got ready to leave and go to the gym to swim but Gila talked me out of it and into going a playing racquetball instead.

Racquetball was fun. Gila worked me pretty good but I took her 4 games... although the score was in my favor, she pretty much kicked my butt. Played 2 games of doubles after that but not as good workout.

Dinner was good, hung out and watched a movie. Prepped drinks for my shift at Station 11 tomorrow.

Good day...

July 4, 2009

Breakfast…. Strawberrys & Cream Slim Fast shake

Lunch… 20 oz mixed berry smoothie with protein powder

Dinner… Cran,Rasberry,grapefruit juice, & Bush’s Grilled Beans (Blended)**.

Desert – Plain Yogurt, low fat milk, and 1 3" x 3" piece of cheese cake all blended together …. 20 oz of blended goodness.

Workout – Treadmill 1 hr + cool down (1216 calories, 4.57 miles)

( 1+ gallons of water)

First shift with the new crew, they wanted to go out for breakfast so I sat and watched them all eat Huevos Rancheros… ugh… I had a Diet Coke and a water….

Then, since it’s 4th of July… we had a BBQ at the station and family and friends came over…

Ok… so we had to try something bizarre today. The Grilled Baked beans smelled too good to not do something about. Mark came by (also on the program) and we decided that we were just going to have to try the beans. So … we threw them in the blender and heated them up and had basically “bean soup”. It wasn’t bad, quite filling, but probably only in the program to the extent that it was liquid enough to go through a straw…. But … that counts right? Ha ha…

Other than that, today has been pretty good. Not overly hungry. It seems to be getting easier…