Saturday, July 18, 2009

July 18, 2009

Breakfast -- Slim Fast Strawberries & Cream

Lunch -- Blue Machine Naked Juice

Workout -- Eliptical -- 1hr+ cooldown (5.6 miles, 1101 cal.)

Dinner -- melted Blizzard from DQ

(too much soda today, +/- 1 gal. of water)

Worked Medbow today, out at the race track all day. Did pretty good, started getting hungry at the end... then couldn't eat because I needed to go to the gym as soon as I got home, and then had to run a couple errands after that. Met a friend and grabbed a Blizzard then came home and started laundry and stuff.

Today was actually a pretty hard day. On my way home and after the gym I thought that was it... I was going to EAT something.. but I managed to hold off. Chugged some water and drank a coke.. filled that space if nothing else..

Only 11 more days, maybe it'll start getting easier??? ha ha..