Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July 29, 2009

Breakfast -- Strawberries & Cream Slim Fast Shake

Lunch -- Blue Machine Naked Juice

Dinner -- Lobster Bisque from Bravo!

Workout -- 1 hr + cooldown on the Eliptical (1150 cal. 5.4 miles)

Good day today, Got up, got off shift and had breakfast on the way home. Stopped by the Union Hall and picked up some stuff. Then finally made it home.

Got to spend my "birthday day" with Ian and Brianna and Brianna's mom (Tina) today. On my way to pick them up I had lunch. Then went to the Zoo. I haven't been there in a couple years, since last time I went with Ian. He's so awesome... I need to get me one of those. ha ha. Just so you know... the Zoo closes at 5:00 during the week. I find that out when your are wandering around and don't see anyone... the animals have gone away for the most part... and you get to the front gate and everything is locked... well, almost everything.. ha ha.. We ended up being there until about 6:00pm.... oops

Went to dinner with them. We went to Uptown Plaza and went to BRAVO! . It was really good. But I want to go back when I can actually eat something... I did have the Lobster Bisque. It was really good.

After that I came home, was going to go to the gym but dozed off. Woke up and was still going to go swim but there was thunder. I called and the pool was closed. So, I just went and jumped on the Eliptical for an hour.

That was it. Gotta crash ... working tomorrow so that I can be off on Friday to weigh out!!