Friday, July 3, 2009

July 3, 2009

Breakfast -- Slim Fast -- Strawberries and Cream

Lunch -- Tomato Soup and Gatorade

Workout -- Swam 2300 yards (3 x 500 yards in under 10 min each + 800 yards of other stuff)

Dinner -- NAKED juice "Protein Zone"

Haven't drank enough water today thats for sure (other than pool water). I'll try to fix that before I crash...

Also started adding a Multi Vitamin to make sure I'm getting what I need.

So this morning was pretty tough, actually... all night was tough because we were up pretty much all night, ugh... Once I got home though it got easier because I fell asleep.... got up and met Monika at SAMs Club and bought a ton more Juice and some veggies... I've discovered that I'm a pretty lazy juicer... I can blend like crazy... but Juicing itself takes a lot of effort... I'll get it down though. I got some carrots, celery, and some spinich to try to juice so we'll see how that goes.

Work out tonight was GREAT. Swam 3 timed 500 yard swims, all were under 10 minutes. I can pass my Headlifeguard test again... ha ha.. the rest was tool work (kickboard, paddles, bouy, and warm up and cool down.) 2300yards total (1 mile = 1760yards so I did 1.30 miles).

Tomorrow is going to be a little bit of a drag. First day with the new crew and we are having a BBQ for 4th of July..... maybe I'll have Spicy V8 instead.... ha ha...

Till tomorrow...

July 2, 2009

Breakfast…. Strawberrys & Cream Slim fast shake

Lg Diet Dr Pepper

Lunch… 20 oz mixed berry smoothie with protein powder

Dinner… Cran,Rasberry,grapefruit juice, & a Cup of chicken broth.

Desert – Pineapple/Orange/Grapefruit Banana Smoothie (no fat pineapple sherbert & orange
juice, grapefruit juice, a splash of lemon, and 1.5 bananas)

Workout – Treadmill 1 hr + cool down, 1206 calories, 4.57 miles

(throughout day -- 1 gallon of water)

Today was definitely tougher. Food looks good. ha ha. Need to find something a little more substantial. Maybe some vegetable juice blends Vs. fruit juice blends only. I'm off work on Friday (3rd) so I'll go find some new ideas for the week. Need to start planning for the fishing trip which runs from Thursday - Sunday....

Workout tonight went well tonight.

Day 2 done... time to go to bed... it's only 2:28am :)